At Wallis we welcome talented and innovative people who share our company values and are motivated by making a long-term contribution to our clients’ operations and our business.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% family-owned company that looks after and respects our employees.

Our flat company structure means less officialdom and hierarchy and a friendly environment where everyone can contribute.

We offer flexible working arrangements and excellent opportunities to build on your personal and professional development.

Career opportunities within our team may include:

  • Drillers and driller offsiders
  • Field supervisors and managers
  • Mechanics and heavy duty fitters
  • Engineers
  • Safety and training advisors
  • Operations and logistics managers
  • Accounts and administration personnel

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We have always recognised the importance of training. Not just certified training required for operational purposes, but the opportunity for all our employees to take part in advanced personal training.

We have qualified and accredited trainers in-house and can provide nationally-recognised certification in partnership with industry RTOs.

Some of these accreditations include:

  • Certificate 2 to Diploma in Drilling
  • Certificate 4 to Diploma in Work Health and Safety
  • Certificate 4 to Diploma in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate 4 to Diploma in Leadership and Management

We offer apprenticeships and traineeships as part of our commitment to the drilling industry and are proud to have been awarded the Swan Chamber of Business Apprentice/Trainee of the Year award.