Where We Operate

We have extensive experience within Australian and select international markets.

Our experience ensures a detailed understanding of working in remote markets including: importing and exporting rigs, mobilisation of personnel, visas, safety, communication, local laws, cultural differences and community engagement.

All of our light rigs are designed to fit into a regular sea container for easy and safe transport anywhere in the world.

The highest level of safety and training extends to all international operations

We are experts at setting up new drilling operations to Australian standards in remote, harsh locations where no established local industries or infrastructure exists.

We never compromise on safety and are experienced in training local personnel to assist drilling operations and then progress to being drillers in their own right.

Latest reporting technology at remote sites

Every Wallis rig in Australia or at international operations is equipped with the latest reporting technology. Our clients receive daily logs and real time data from their site – however remote – which is vital for monitoring performance and improving efficiency.