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Drilling solutions for every situation

Technology has changed dramatically since our pioneering days of auger and air core drilling. We now offer a full range of modern drilling methods including air core, reverse circulation (RC), diamond drilling and mud rotary.

We build and design the latest equipment with enhanced safety, fuel-efficiency and productivity benefits. Our aim is to help clients drill more metres per shift. Safely and more productively.

Air Core Drilling

Invented by Wallis. Used around the world.

Benefits of Wallis Air Core Technology

  • Rapid and accurate samples, which increases drilling rates and lowers field costs
  • Compact and powerful rigs that can access difficult-to-reach areas with minimal environmental impact
  • Experienced engineering support and a well-equipped machine shop in Perth, Western Australia
  • Available in standard sizes from AQ to 6in – we can also design and build customised equipment for specialised drilling requirements
  • Requires lower air pressures than other systems

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Reverse Circulation Drilling

Fast and Efficient.

Benefits of Reverse Circulation or RC Drilling

  • Ideal for collecting rock samples quickly and efficiently using a large rotary drill and air compressor
  • The high speed and lower cost per metre of RC drilling is excellent for obtaining mineral samples in the early phases of an exploration project

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Diamond Core Drilling

Drilling deeper.

Benefits of Diamond Core Drilling

  • Produces a solid core sample that can be extracted intact for geological examination on the surface
  • The most accurate assessment of the mineral deposit

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Grade Control Drilling

Closer Drilling.

Benefits of Grade Control Drilling

  • The same techniques and benefits as reverse circulation drilling conducted at shallow depths and with close drill patterns to map out the ore reserves

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Rotary Air Blast Drilling

Blasting Through.

Benefits of Rotary Air Blast Drilling

  • Ideal for drill patterns prior to mining being undertaken

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Mud Rotary Drilling

Versatile and Dependable.

Benefits of Mud Rotary Drilling

  • A proven, versatile and dependable technique ideal for drilling into soft rock, sand and clay layers, which may or not be saturated with groundwater
  • The rotating hollow drill pipes carry down drilling muds to lubricate, cool and clean the drilling bit
  • If sampling is required, we use an open face bit that allows a sampler to pass through the bit ahead of the drill string
  • The mud rotary technique coats the side of the borehole with a thin layer of clay from the drilling fluids. This stabilises the wall and controls the amount of water entering the borehole

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