Real Time Reporting

New technology means faster feedback

Traditionally, clients have waited several days, or even weeks, to receive drilling reports from the field. By the time the data is in their hands, it’s often too late to make changes to the operation.

At Wallis, we know up-to-date and accurate information is critical. We have developed a digital daily drilling report that allows our clients to receive real-time reporting from every rig.

The digital daily drilling report. Here’s how it works.

Our drilling operator no longer fills out a paper-based daily drilling report. Instead, the driller enters all the day’s drilling details into our custom iPad App. At the end of the day, the information is sent to Wallis where it’s immediately processed and sent on to our clients.

Using this up-to-the-minute intelligence, we can work with our clients to suggest improvements to the operation and find ways of making it more efficient. Using today’s data, we can plan tomorrow’s activities and send our directions to the operator whether he’s in the north-west of Australia or in the middle of Africa.

We can also identify any minor problems before they become major issues and easily compare the efficiency of one site to another.