Congratulations Tony Flowers

13 Sep 2022


Tony Flowers, Trades Assistant in our manufacturing division, applied for a job with Wallis after his wife Laurel saw it advertised and told him to wear a suit to make a good impression – it worked as he’s now been an invaluable member of our team for ten years, celebrating this significant service milestone recently.

Tony explains how important the culture at Wallis has been to him over the years in supporting his career:

“I started as the yardie, doing jobs around the yard, picks ups and deliveries and generally helping out around Wallis. When a position became available in the manufacturing shed to do cutting and painting of bits, I went for it as I had some experience in painting and thought it would be great – I didn’t realise all the other jobs that would also be involved. I asked a lot of questions as I thought that was the only way I was going to learn. Everyone has been so good to me, very supportive and Wallis is a really friendly place to work. Graeme is wonderful and so down to earth, I have so much respect for him and he always makes me feel welcome. I like that everyone here talks to each other.

I was so appreciative to be given a job with Wallis, to have a company give me a chance and believe in me after some time applying for jobs and getting knocked back. I am proud to have had this job for 10 years and it feels like a family away from home. It has made me a better person and I really enjoy getting up and coming to work in the morning."