Congratulations Paul Charles

26 Jul 2022


Congratulations to Paul Charles, Manufacturing Fabrication Supervisor, who has recently achieved his 15-year service milestone with Wallis – not bad for someone who ‘only took the job because it was close to home’!

As Paul describes below, one of the things that kept him at Wallis was our culture of ensuring our employees focus on doing a good job, rather than only meeting targets and that they are also supported, to develop their career into new and challenging areas. All with a sense of humour of course and as such, Paul’s journey with Wallis is best described in his own words.

“I moved down from up North and started at Wallis as a subbie with Monodelphous. As a 45-year-old Boily, I was looking for somewhere to die. I had never seen a drill rig before and only took the job because it was close to home. From day 1, I thought I’d landed on my feet. The work wasn’t sales driven, it was just ‘do a good job’ because it was all their own gear.

The technology in the latter rigs has been a challenge, but the quality and attention to detail has made the work more interesting. When you see one of our automated 300RC rigs operating, its hard not to feel proud that you were a part of that and it was all designed and manufactured right here in Midvale, Western Australia.

When I stepped up into the Supervisor role, I didn’t know if leadership was for me. I’ve been lucky to have a great bunch of people to work with and we all help each other out. With the support of Dave and Brendan, it’s been a really rewarding change. The only really bad day I’ve had at Wallis was when I made an error which resulted in some damage. I always remember how understanding Graeme Wallis was when I spoke to him about it - it really showed me the character of the man.

Thanks to Graeme, Brendan, Dave and all the team at Wallis for making my work enjoyable.”