Congratulations Owen Sargent

16 Aug 2023


At age 17 I began an apprenticeship with the Western Australian Railway, after two years, due to privatisation, I was left looking for another opportunity and approached Wallis Drilling and was fortunate to be able to complete my apprenticeship. And now 30 years later…

From the beginning it was obvious Wallis Drilling was particularly good at looking for the next challenge in the drilling industry. These opportunities often required modifying equipment or manufacturing to suit the job and at times modifications in the field when requirements changed. Being involved with this process is a highlight of my time at Wallis, as I enjoy this type of challenge and the satisfaction of a job well done. To have also witnessed the evolvement of technology and safety that we now see present with equipment to safeguard equipment and personal is a huge accomplishment.

It is great having the Western Australia landscape as my office - as the scenery changes every day and never gets boring. I have also been privileged in working with some incredibly talented people which have helped hone my skills and I now enjoy being in a position that I can pass along some of my knowledge to others. Another thing that amazes me is the vast variety of people that cross your path and join our industry, with so many interesting stories shared as to how they have gotten to this point.

I have enjoyed my years with Wallis Drilling and would like to thank Graeme and Brenden for giving me an opportunity to complete a trade and still be involved in the industry.