Congratulations Kim Wallis

30 Jun 2022


Kim Wallis, son of our Chairman Graeme Wallis, has recently celebrated his 15-year service milestone working at Wallis. We work hard to cultivate a people-focussed, family culture at Wallis and are proud that several members of the Wallis family, who were the founders of our business, are involved in the company to this day. Kim has spent time on the rigs and after a brief period outside the industry in his early career, he has been working in the operations side of the business ever since returning in 2007.

Kim reflects:

“ I had a gap year in 2000, and offsided on exploration, grade control and diamond rigs. I left and spent time at a stock broking firm and a law firm before coming back to Wallis in 2007 to manage Wallis Field Services. After the GFC I worked in Operations for several years before taking on the role of Drilling Manager - Exploration in Australia. I am very proud to say that I am part of a company that works for clients that are category leaders and which continually rolls out industry leading drilling technology."