Safety is part of our culture

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A safety culture is firmly embedded in every division of Wallis Drilling. Uniquely in our industry, all of our safety advisors are also experienced drillers who have first-hand knowledge of the risks involved in the field. Their advice is always practical and realistic. Their practical drilling experience is complimented by a formal HSEQ qualification.

All our operators are trained to comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environment laws, regulations and mandatory standards. Where these do not exist, we apply appropriate internal standards which reflect Wallis’ commitment to minimise adverse impacts from our operations, products and services.

They also continuously work at improving safety, both in the rigs we use and the way we operate them. In 2012, Wallis Drilling were awarded the Rio Tinto Iron Ore Safety Innovation Award for a new rod retention device designed and built by Wallis Drilling.

Our safety charter

  • To promote personal responsibility in accident prevention and ensure each employee understands their responsibility to themselves, family and fellow employees
  • Proactively pursue the identification of all hazards and eliminate or, if not possible, mitigate the risk by implementing systems to assess, control and monitor those risks
  • Educate and train our employees on Wallis Drilling Health, Safety and Environment requirements and assign appropriate accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Everyone working on our projects must have competencies aligned with Australian competency standards for the mining and exploration drilling industry. We are committed to providing a nationally-recognised qualification to all our field employees.

Wallis has a dedicated team which conducts training and assessment activities including skills recognition as required in the field. Our training initiatives are supported by a suite of work instructions which reinforce our commitment to managing high-risk activities at drill rig level.

The underpinning knowledge and skills-based tasks which are covered in our training program are integrated into the everyday work activities at the levels prescribed by the individual job functions.


Environmentally aware

We’re very aware that drilling activities can have a potentially damaging effect on the environment, particularly in greenfield sites. We make sure our operations minimise our impact on and pollution of the environment by reviewing and monitoring our activities.

We achieve this through a formal Safety, Health, Environment Management Plan (SHEMP) which is mutually agreed with our clients prior to contract commencement.

Integrated Management System

Wallis Drilling operates under an Integrated Management System which includes accreditation in AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and …

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