Versatile and dependable.

Mud Rotary drilling is a proven, versatile and dependable technique ideal for drilling into soft rocks, sand and clay layers which may or not be saturated with groundwater.

The rotating hollow drill pipes carry down drilling muds to lubricate, cool and clean the drilling bit. If sampling is required, we use an open face bit which allows a sampler to pass through the bit ahead of the drill string.

The Mud Rotary technique also coats the side of the borehole with a thin layer of clay from the drilling fluids which stabilises the wall of the borehole and controls the amount of water entering the borehole.

Wallis Drilling operates the Mantis 1000 rig which is capable of mud rotary drilling to a depth of 800m and has rod loaders, drill rod clamps. We also supply and operate DE 880 rigs which can drill to 1000m.