Invented by Wallis. Used around the world.

No one understands Aircore drilling better than Wallis. After all, the system was invented by our company’s founders Marty and Jamie Wallis. Their pioneering and revolutionary double-tube technology remains an invaluable tool in the mineral exploration field as well as mine grade control.

Aircore technology provides rapid, accurate samples, and speeds up drilling rates meaning lower field costs. Our compact yet powerful rigs can access difficult-to-reach areas with minimal environmental impact.

Wallis has 40 years experience in Aircore drilling and our operations are backed up by a Perth-based skilled engineering team and a well-equipped machine shop. We operate the Wallis Drilling Aircore system for companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Iluka Resources, Tronox and Cristal Resources.

Aircore is available in standard sizes from NQ up to 6in (ø152mm). We can also design and build customised equipment for specialised drilling requirements.

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