Drilling solutions for every situation.

Technology has changed dramatically since our pioneering days of auger and Aircore drilling, and we now offer a full range of modern drilling methods including Aircore, Mud Rotary, Reverse Circulation and Diamond Core.

We use the latest equipment which is more fuel-efficient and productive allowing us to drill more metres per shift.


Invented by Wallis. Used around the world. No one understands Aircore drilling better than Wallis. After all, the system was invented by our company‚Äôs founders Marty and Jamie Wallis. Their …

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Mud Rotary

Versatile and dependable. Mud Rotary drilling is a proven, versatile and dependable technique ideal for drilling into soft rocks, sand and clay layers which may or not be saturated with …

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RC Drilling

Fast and efficient. Reverse Circulation – or RC – drilling is used to collect rock samples quickly and efficiently using a large rotary drill and air compressor. The high speed …

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Diamond Core

Drilling deeper. Diamond Core is the method of exploration drilling which produces a solid core sample that can be extracted intact for geological examination on the surface. Although slower and …

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Grade Control

Closer drilling. Utilising the same techniques as Reverse Circulation drilling, grade control drilling is done at shallow depths and with close drill patterns to map out the ore reserves. Prior …

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Blast Hole Drilling

Blasting through. Utilising down the hole hammer DTH or Rotary Air Blast RAB drilling on drill patterns prior to mining being undertaken. Drill holes ranking in size from …

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