Long-term employees with Wallis Drilling

When you look at how far Wallis Drilling have come, from the number one drill to the latest creation in engineering, you see more than a drill rig. You see a product of over 50 years of engineering evolution from an amazing group of people. Machinery makes it possible, people make it happen

The mining industry is a roller coaster ride on a rough track. It demands the best of people. Not everyone can meet it head on and only the hardiest stay on for the long haul. Wallis Drilling is fortunate that we have a great team of people, including many long-term employees.

To date, Wallis Drilling have 15 staff who have worked over 30 years, 24 in the 20 year and over category and 75 with over 10 years of service.









A total of 261 years between the group above

Top left – Roland Koopman, Greg Godbold, Denis Brosnan, John Kennedy & Brendan Moran

Bottom left – Liz Johns, Philomena Teow, Graeme Wallis & Brian Sampson


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