Employee milestones for 2016 – Congratulations

This year was a huge milestone for Wallis Drilling where there were 270 years recognised between 11 long-term employees.

When people think of a company they think of hard assets. Little thought, if any, is given to the real asset of a company, the people, who are they company. They are the real asset and this has shown by this years employee milestones. All employees at Wallis are the drivers of all that we do. Our technical base that creates the hardware assets and the people who put them to work are the company. Wallis has always been creative thanks to the drive and resourcefulness of people. We don’t forget the backup people, the wives, husbands, partners who are our backstops. They, in a lot of ways are what it is all about. They are just as hardy and resourceful as the people on the front line.

The mining industry is a harsh taskmaster who demands the best people and the Wallis people meet that demand.

40 years – Graeme Wallis

35 years – Denis Brosnan

30 years – Tony Collison, Brendan Moran & Philomena Teow

25 years – John Kennedy & John Overton

20 years – Liz Johns

15 years – Eddy Semeniuk

10 years – Kurt Pedersen & Rory McIntyre

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